Self-Saver website

AARP Foundation


AARP Foundation is AARP’s nonprofit branch that takes on projects to help end senior poverty. Track was providing AARPF with a whitelabeled version of their self-employed tax management web app, which AARPF was offering to senior gig economy workers under the name AARPF Self-Saver.

My role

Design a website showcasing the Self-Saver app’s features using branding guidelines provided by AARP Foundation.

Branding style tile

  • AARPF’s project lead described wanting an aesthetic that felt friendly, accessible, nonintimidating and somewhat informal without feeling juvenile.

  • I created a style tile displaying typography samples, visual assets and the color palette I generated using AARPF’s branding guidelines.


  • The final product included a landing page showcasing Self-Saver’s main features.

  • Blog and Resources pages were also included to provide potential users with added value and build trust in AARPF as a knowledgable leader in the financial-wellness space.

  • Illustrations were outsourced.

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